Figuring things out

Hello Readers!

You may be VERY confused right now!  Don’t worry, I haven’t deleted my blog, however I have renamed it.  You can now find me at:

I’ve actually been thinking of a new name for this blog for a while now.  I named it “ninarachel621” as a default when I didn’t know my username would be my blog name.  It’ll be weird for me to part with this url but there are still pieces of that blog name in the meaning of my new blog.

My name Nina means grace and my middle name Rachel technically means beauty.  You see Jacob had believed that Rachel was beautiful (biblically).  Literally, Rachel means female sheep.  I actually tried to incorporate that in a blog name first.

So thank you so much for the people who remembered my url and came here, please don’t hate me for asking you to remember my new name!  And thank you even if you randomly found this page!  You still took time to read this far into my little blurb.

Have a great day!


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